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Adobe launches Document Cloud, Acrobat Mobile and Fill & Sign Apps - 88161740

Adobe is one of those great companies out there that is constantly pushing the envelop, testing new ideas and reinventing the way that we interact with technology and our environment. The people at Adobe are ambitious, creative and inventive. The newly unveiled Document Cloud by Adobe is a testament to this fact. Adobe has done it again and this time with Document Cloud, they are reinventing how we handle our documents. Acrobat-DC-Desktop-Tools-View-On-Surface-Pro-3-1024x732 Adobe Document Cloud (DC) is like a super-sized version of the Adobe Acrobat that we know now.

6 Free Color Resources for Logo, Graphic and Web Designers - 2013969367

Color is very important in every project. Designers use color to captivate their audience, convey emotions and establish associations. Color is often what attracts users to a design and it is a vital component in every design. Color excites us, stimulates us and draws in our eyes. Color is everywhere and it subtly moves us every day.

Designers are very aware of the power of color. Depending on the project, designers need to consider different palettes and tools. For example, a logo designer may use different color palettes than a web designer. Print designers use CMYK color values while web designers use RBG color values. Here are 10 amazing color resources for designers designed to make your life easier. These fantastic color resources will help you convert color values and create color palettes for both print and web projects. Whether you are creating a new logo or website, these graphic designer resources are invaluable.

20 Creative & Inspiring Workspaces - 1626299233

If you are a creative person then you definitely need a creative workspace. It is important that you have a very special sanctuary in which you can conduct your business. Your workspace should be inspiring and motivating. It should spur you to action, spark your imagination and and trigger originality. Your workspace should be personal and it should be tailored to fit with your taste and style.

Here is a showcase of 20 inspirational workspaces and offices. These workspaces are meant to jumpstart your own imagination as you begin to customize your very own workspace to fit your own personal needs. Be original and imaginative. Be resourceful and crafty. Whether you design logos, paint, write or animate, it is imperative that your workspace inspires you. It should arouse your senses and wake up your mind. Enjoy!

Top 6 Free Email Apps for Android - 1067622649

Email has become the one of the most common forms of communication in our society. If you think about it, most of us spend a few hours each day  checking, writing and sending emails from our smartphones. Email has become essential in business and it is very important that you use a good email app that saves you time and is easy to use. At the Google Play Store however, there are thousands of apps for Android. So, how do you figure out which is the best one? It's simple, take our advice. Here is our list of the top 10 Email Apps for Android. Each description features the app's logo making it easier for you to identify and find at the Google Play Store. Click on any of these logos to download these email apps today!

17 Best Free Icons for Designers - 558586894

Icons are small, but very important additions to any web-related project. Icons attract users and lend a very distinct aesthetic  to a design. They attract the attention of users and they are used most often by designers on websites and for apps. Icons are used to quickly and easily communicate with users. They can compliment a company's logo and bring together a company's branding.

If you have time, you can design your own icon for a web project. However, if you often find yourself juggling too much in a day, there are also thousands of icon sets available to us on the internet. Some of these icon sets are available for purchase while others are completely free.

10 Free PSD Mockups for Showcasing Logos & Websites on iMacs, iPhones & iPads - 9979743

Presentation is everything when it comes to showcasing your work. Whether you are showing off a new logo to a client or whether you are adding your latest works to your portfolio, how you present your work could make all the difference. When you are finished designing a logo for a client for example, do you really want your client to see his/her awesome new logo simply printed out on a piece of paper? Wouldn’t it be way better if you could actually show your client how his/her new logo will look featured on your client’s website or on an iPhone? Real-life mockups help your clients to see their new logo designs where they will actually be used. Realistic Photoshop mockups really are the best. Trust me.

The 10 Best Sports Logos of All-Time - 1897245233

Logos in sports are very important. Perhaps more than you think, a team’s logo holds a lot of power as it is the one aspect of a sports team that stays constant year after year and generation after generation. Players may change, coaches my age but a team’s logo will always be there. Printed on all of the fan paraphernalia, a sports team’s logo is what keeps its fans connected to its team generation after generation.

To illustrate my point, here are the 10 Best Sports Logos of All-Time.

Creative Inspiration: 15 Cool and Inventive Business Card Designs - 1195641773

Your company’s business card plays a vital role in your business. Not only do your business cards hold your contact information but they are also that very important and lasting first impression. Have you ever gone to a party or social gathering and someone has handed you their business card? How often have you just given that business card a quick glance before quickly sliding it into your pocket? Do you remember that persons name or their business? Did you ever call them? Did you happen to find their business card buried in your wallet months later?

Designer Showcase: Walter Landor - 2125722502

Walter Landor is a brand design legend and he is the founder of the one of the world’s leading brand agencies – Landor Associates. Born in Germany, Walter Landor transformed how we look at brands and the customer that brands are trying to reach. He was a true pioneer in the graphic design industry as he was the first to emphasize the importance of storytelling in brand development. He believed that brands must strive to create an emotional connection between themselves and their customers and that is what sells. Today, the homepage of the Landor Associates website it says, “a story gives customers a reason to want you, love you, champion your cause”. It is Walter Landor’s belief in this idea that gave birth to the idea of design based on consumer research. 

10 Best Websites for Design Freebie Downloads: Design Resources, Graphics, Fonts, Icons, Vectors, PSD files and more.    - 1614759343

The Internet is an invaluable resource these days to everyone and especially designers. Need a great font for your next logo design? Need a specific icon for your clients website? Before the Internet came around, designers used to have to create each and every individual element that they wanted to use in a design themselves. Can you imagine that? Today, with the Internet, there are thousands of valuable resources available to all designers, which has helped to drastically reduce the amount of hours each individual designer needs to spend on each project. Awesome!

These days, online dating is becoming a more and more popular way to meet your match. With our busy lives and schedules, online dating has made meeting people so much easier and ‘relatively’ pain-free. Now, from the ease and convenience of your home, you can chat, date, play games and get in touch with strangers across a wide network of social media and online dating websites. 

6 free EBooks for Logo, Graphic and Web Designers - 661565581

If you haven’t jumped on the EBook train just yet, it’s about time. EBooks have been slowly growing in popularity over the past decade and they are something that every designer should be taking advantage of. EBooks are valuable sources of information that can often be downloaded for free or for a minimal fee.

EBooks offer several advantages over traditional books. One obvious advantage is that eBooks can be downloaded instantly and easily from the comfort of your home. EBooks are also more environmentally friendly and often much cheaper than traditional books as well. You can easily search through eBooks and they are often full of additional online resources that are particularly useful for graphic designers, logo designers and web designers. Lastly, new and upcoming designers just like you often write design eBooks so they are very current, informative and interesting.

Do you need photos for your blog, new logo or a design project but you’re on a limited budget? Tired of spending hours searching the web for free photos and still coming up empty handed? Here is a list of the 9 best free stock photography websites. Enjoy!

This is a great stock photography site with over a thousand free stock photos to choose from. The photos on this site are all really nice and of high resolution.  The photos here are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means that you can copy, modify and distribute the photos you find on this website. Have fun!!

15 Tremendous Architecture Logos

Architecture has always fascinated me and I have always looked up to and admired architects. If you need an architect, how would you know who to hire? What would be the first thing to catch your eye and influence your choice of an architect to build your home, your store or your office building? 

How to save time and money by stopping your clients from asking for endless design revisions today! - 375031202

I’m sure that most of us designers out there have had at least a few clients that seem to continuously ask you for revisions. These projects seem to go on devastatingly slow as the client proceeds to ask for one more thing after another. This is extremely frustrating as a designer and it can be a complete waste of your valuable time and energy. It can happen with any design project including logo designs, business card designs and even something seemingly simple as stationery design. So, how to you stop it? This can be a very slippery slop as you try to eliminate excessive client revisions while still keeping your client happy in the long run. However, you can do it and here are a few tips to help you get on your way.

Set reasonably time frames for projects

A logo is one of the most important elements of a business. A logo is a design or symbol that is used by a company so that its customers can instantly and easily recognize their business. A logo is the principle symbol that customers see and that they come to associate with a company. A good logo should use symbols and images that best describe the particular values of a business while also creating a memorable association with the brand and the products that they have to offer. 

A logo is usually made up of two parts: a symbol and a logotype. The symbol in a logo is usually an icon or image that should be unique and memorable. The logotype in a logo is the typeface that a company decides to use for their company name.

Today, I want to do a little experiment with you. 

8 Free Resume (CV) Templates for Designers available for Download - 1641477137

Having an excellent resume presentation is essential for everyone. It is your introduction sheet to your future employer and it should be the best that it possibly can be. Today’s tough and competitive job market can be really hard to crack and an outstanding resume (CV) presentation can really make a huge difference on whether you get that coveted interview or not.

A company’s logo is a vital element of every business. There is no way to better demonstrate this than to look at some of the longest standing logos in the world. These logos have tremendous staying power and they have lasted over the changing trends and changing market demands of several decades. 


100 Hoopties: Iconic logos turned into creative bicycle poster art - 872227377

As I was crawling around the Internet the other day, I stumbled upon a really cool and creative graphic design project. It is a really fun and imaginative project that I immediately wanted to share.  This project is called 100 Hoopties and it was created by Jennifer Beatty. Jennifer is both a graphic designer and a cyclist who was seeking to bridge her two passions into one as a part of her Masters in Branding degree that she is pursuing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

So what is this awesome project?

Jennifer decided to recreate 100 iconic logos and other recognizable designs using old bicycle parts that she found lying around. She committed to making 100 new bicycle art posters in 100 days, from April 7th to July 15th, 2014.

Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar began their world-famous partnership in the 50s and they have remained a very strong dynamic duo ever since. They are two of the world’s leading graphic designers that have helped to shape the design industry over the last half century. 

Perhaps their first foray into the limelight was in the 1960 when this dynamic team created a new and shocking logo for Chase Manhattan Bank. The same logo is still being used today by Chase Manhattan Bank however, at the time, it was revolutionary. It was the first abstract logo ever created as Chase accepted Chermayeff and Geismar’s cutting-edge design of four wedges rotated around a square to form an octagon. Thanks to Chermayeff and Geismar, since their debut, abstract logos have since grown in popularity and now, they are being used to represent corporations all over the world. 


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