Arizona State University Reveals New Logo

Arizona State University Reveals New Logo - 1370071044

ASU sun devils new logo
Arizona State officially unveiled its new pitchfork logo and uniforms at a press conference this week.

ASU worked with Nike on the project, and the results were shown off as the Sun Devils displayed a series of new jersey designs for all intercollegiate sports with variations involving maroon, gold and black color combinations. The new logo ditches the image of Sparky, the schools mascot, and replaces it with a slick three-pronged pitchfork with jagged edges and a three-dimensional look.

The block lettering and design of "Arizona State" and "Sun Devils" on the uniforms and merchandise is an originally designed font called "Sun Devil bold."

Sparky - Retired Logo of ASU

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Submitted by Ace (not verified) on

The Picture of the Supposed Sparky, isn't even the current Sparky Logo.... Some other artist rendition I guess!!! But just wait, the new Sparky Logo, to go along with the new Pitchfork design is being released soon in 2012!!! Go Devils!!!

Submitted by Joel (not verified) on

thoose logos are pretty sweet!

Submitted by Tim (not verified) on

I am hoping to acquire your permission to use this for a club at ASU. Please contact me at my provided email. If you are ok with me using it, I will be submitting it to ASU for approval. I may have a project for you to modify sparky for the club so I can submit it. We can discuss that when you get back to me. Thanks


Hi Tim, you don't need a permission from us, you need it from ASU, depending on what you need to use it for.