Mitt Romney Wants to Be the President...of Aquafresh?

Mitt Romney Wants to Be the President...of Aquafresh? - 1008824266

Romney Aquafresh logo

Mitt Romney officially announced his ambitions to run for president this week, unveiling a new (not new) campaign slogan and logo.

Mitt Romney isn't going to be elected President. He may however, be memorialized forever by this ill-conceived logo. Not only does it instantly remind people of the Aquafresh logo, but it makes his name unclear. Who is this Omney person? Also, he's stolen John Kerry's 2004 election slogan "Believe in America."

Rachel Maddow took at clever hit at Romney, saying "If you want to steal John Kerry's presidential slogan from not even eight years ago, you better come up with something delicious and compelling to block thoughts of Senator John Kerry from the minds of Republican primary voters."

Meanwhile, Aquafresh toothpaste is basking in the glory of all this free advertising.



Submitted by Cat (not verified) on

Brilliant view!
The toothpaste logo IS Omney's logo. My view is that the logo looks like
it could fall right over. There isn't a strong pillar on the left side to hold up the
curve. It looks fluid.
I am surprised that I am the first to comment on your post, though.