Logo Design Services

Design Service Overview

Great designs are results of good communication and collaboration with clients. We are here to work with you in various capacities, show and find you variety of solutions for your logo design project. We are here to listen to your ideas about your logo, see and work from your sketches if you have one, or try to understand the concept that you have in mind? And If you are open to new concepts and designs, let our design department take the wheel and explore new designs possibilities and solutions.

Logo clean up and update

Does your logo need a fresh updated look? Let us help. All logos in time they start looking outdated, Trends and styles change so it migt be a good idea to dapt to make your idemtity a fresh current look. Some of the biggest companies out  there from Apple, to Pepsi or AT&T, all go through redesign, some subtle and some drastic, depending on the new vision and direction of the company, logos need to keep up with the companies image, services and products they offer. If you like to find out how we can improve your design image and bring it to up to date, contact us, show us your design and explain the issues you are having with the your logo. We will give you our feedback, suggestions and if you like solutions. To get a feedback and quoate please contact us.

Logo FX solutions

If you are happy with your logo design and in need of some special effects to jazz up your design and  give it a little life, we offer logo FX solutions, we keep the logo design the same as original but give it a texture, like glass, metal, plastic, or any texture you can think of, some highlights and shadows, colors will not look flat anymore, we make sure the design would be expandable to any size, we optimize it for web and print use.

Logo customization

Standard Logo Customization
All our logos are customizable, for color, text and font change, we charge $29 for the service and provide you with all the necessary formats.

Extensive Logo Customization

If you need extensive design changes to the logo, like changing the actual shape of the logo, combine 2 logos together and/or any other ideas that you might have, we can do them too, please contact us with the logo number and the changes you would like to have done and ask for a quote. We’ll get back to you with our feedback, price and time frame.

For any question, please, contact us.